The 6th ICEPEE is co-organized by the Integrates RG of the Kulliyyah of Engineering and IIUM ICESCO. The conference is focused on various aspects of both professional ethics and education in engineering, with the theme: “Engineering Education and Ethics Towards Sustainable Society”, following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 11 – “Sustainable Cities and Communities”.

This will allow the participants to exchange relevant ideas so that they can enrich
their knowledge and views on the significance of engineering education and professional
ethics towards a sustainable society and communities. Relevant institutions will be able to absorb the outcome of the conference for improving their teaching and learning systems for engineering education, with the right professional ethics. The conference will cover a
a broad range of topics on humanizing engineering education and ethics which include

Professionalism and Ethics in Engineering and Engineering Education
Humanising Engineering Education
Social Responsibility in Engineering
Engineering Education Policies and Practice
Internationalization and Globalization of Engineering Education
Collaboration between Universities and Industry
Engineering and Environment

Engineering Education for Sustainable Development
Enhancing Innovation in Research and Education
Sustainability in Engineering Education and Research
Technology Transfer
Engineering and Society
Entrepreneurship in engineering education
Other Related Topics